How to Avoid Being a Smartphone Addict

What is a smartphone addict? A common sight in many public places is of people glued to their gadgets and unmindful of their environment. Although this might have been considered normal and harmless by many, we must do something not to worsen this scenario. Let us not make ourselves a slave to technology; instead, let it serve us positively.


Here are simple ways we can do to avoid looking like smartphone addict.


Regulate the use of smartphones

Smartphones are mainly used for communication; however, a number of applications have been included in its make up such as calendar, clock, data storage, camera, and others. Other forms of entertainment such as games and music can also be stored in these devices. Because of this, they have become an indispensable companion of mankind in the 21st century. To avoid spending more time on this device than necessary, we must control its use, especially in public places.


Keep gadgets in proper places

When traveling or staying in public areas, it is a good practice to put gadgets inside our bag or purse. Aside from making our devices protected, we are also kept safe from robbers and we do not disturb others. Keeping gadgets in their rightful places also show our respect to other people around us.


Know the importance of socialization

People are social beings and when we are together physically, we should be interacting with each other. Sadly, because of technology, we seldom look at each other in the eyes because we are too busy looking down at our gadgets. We tend to have so many friends online in social media but we do not really have social interaction in the real world.


Use gadgets according to their purposes

If we use gadgets according to their purposes, we avoid becoming their slaves. Hence, we should always remember that they are made to make our lives convenient and not to destroy our relationships nor disrupt the harmonious flow of our social activities. Finally, we should be responsible role models for the generations behind us.