Computer Buying Basics 

So your old computer finally kicked the bucket, eh? Whether it was Russian hackers, toddlers spilling milk or hard drive failure. When deciding what type of new computer to purchase, you really need to know exactly what you plan on using the computer for. A light-weight, portable laptop used mostly for e-mail and text editing will not require the same processors, RAM, video cards and so on as a top-of-the-line, custom-built gaming desktop for playing Clash Royale PC, for example. Like with all products, an educated shopper is a smart shopper.

Desktop, laptop, or netbook?

I’ll go over some of the basic pros and cons particular to each of your devices. Full-size laptops are the clunkiest of the three models; perhaps the most appropriate for businessman and home offices opposite whereas more compact models are best for students and people on the go.

PROS: Desktop Computers

Desktop computers are useful because they’re able to reach higher performance capabilities than a laptop. While there are very powerful gaming laptops, they don’t get anywhere near the same processing speed as a top of the line desktop computer that is fully customized.
Desktop computers are also the preferred model of graphic designers and any kind of artist who uses digital illustrations and their works. the reason for this is multifaceted. but the main reason is that they have a large screen that you can get as big as you want and a good enough video card to not have extremely long wait times when they try to render an illustration or video for example.

CONS: Desktop Computers

I think the biggest con is that they take up a giant corner of your apartment. Laptops, netbooks, iGadget things etc. are so popular because no matter where you are, you can bring it with you. You must see then type of computer laptop netbook or mobile device that you choose extremely important you bring it everywhere you go. a laptop would be the ideal choice for a businessman or a student for example that provide the necessary functionality that a netbook fails to equal.

PROS: Netbooks

Netbooks are even smaller than laptops and for that reason, they’re even more portable and ready on the go than laptops are. netbooks are especially popular among the younger crowd since it fits you in your backpack, purse or shoulder bag. In general, most people have come to the same consensus that netbooks see more fragile to the touch and are more readily breakable than traditional laptops or even desktops. it is also worth noting that even though netbooks s and laptops are more portable they’re less affordable and durable.

As I said before, when it comes to computer shopping, it really depends what you are planning to use the computer for you don’t need. to generalize, desktops are good for tasks that require very high-end processors, video cards, etc. for someone who just wishes to use the computer for very basic things such as browsing the web checking social media or using text editing software a netbook may be the perfect choice for him.